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Notice: Update on Galleon Devices and the GPSd Code bug.
Posted by Neil Barnes on 19 October 2021 14:09

Galleon is aware of an issue relating to certain versions of GPSd software used on some NTP servers on the market. 

For affected devices a bug in the GPSd software will subtract 1024 from the week number resulting in the date being reset to March 2002! 

The nature of the bug means that this effect will take place on 23rd October 2021.


We can confirm that Galleon products are not affected by the bug in GPSd as Galleon do not use GPSd within their code.

This extends across popular products like

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GPS Rollover Week - April 2019
Posted by Uzair A. on 13 February 2019 16:22

The 6th of April 2019 is GPS rollover week. Users of older GPS antennas may experience issues on or after this date. Please refer to this article for more information about the compatibility of your Galleon products:

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MSF Signal Interruption
Posted by Uzair A. on 31 August 2018 10:13

Notice of Interruption for MSF 60 kHz Time and Frequency Signal

The MSF 60 kHz time and frequency signal broadcast from Anthorn Radio Station will be shut down to allow maintenance work to be carried out in safety.

MSF signal off-air

Please note that the MSF signal will be taken off-air between 03 September and 21 September 2018. The service will be off-air from 08:00 to 18:00 BST each day, including weekends.

For more information on MSF Maintenance Periods, visit:

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