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Firmware Update V12#7
Posted by Syed Naqvi on 20 October 2021 07:06

Dear Customers, 

We have completed testing on our latest firmware version (12.7), and are happy to announce its release to our partners. 

Please see the article below with instructions to download and apply the latest firmware for our NTS-6002 and NTS-6001 time servers:

Best Regards,

Galleon Systems Technical Support

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Notice: Update on Galleon Devices and the GPSd Code bug.
Posted by Neil Barnes on 19 October 2021 14:09

Galleon is aware of an issue relating to certain versions of GPSd software used on some NTP servers on the market. 

For affected devices a bug in the GPSd software will subtract 1024 from the week number resulting in the date being reset to March 2002! 

The nature of the bug means that this effect will take place on 23rd October 2021.


We can confirm that Galleon products are not affected by the bug in GPSd as Galleon use a custom script gpsclckd and do not use GPSd within their

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GPS Rollover Week - April 2019
Posted by Uzair A. on 13 February 2019 16:22

The 6th of April 2019 is GPS rollover week. Users of older GPS antennas may experience issues on or after this date. Please refer to this article for more information about the compatibility of your Galleon products:

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