Debugging the NTS-6000-GPS
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Follow the instructions below to debug and NTS-6000-GPS unit.

Debugging the NTS-6000-GPS (for advanced users)

Log-in to the web admin page. The default username is “admin”, and the default password is “password”. Then go to “Configure SSH Access” and enable SSH.

To connect via SSH using putty (download link below) the default username is "root" and the default password is "galleon".

Press "q" followed by enter to break out of the menu system.

Now stop the GPS service using the command below:

Note: In the command below the single speech marks are "Acute" on an English keyboard they are generated by using the key above tab (failing that copy and paste the command).

kill `pidof gpsclkd`

And restart the service using the following command:

gpsclkd -d /dev/clk

You should see debug information like this if the GPS is synchronised (please allow up to 5 minutes for information to start apearing):

clock elapsed-pc elapsed=-0.000000

shm: storing time 1310372187.000000 local 1310372186.999965 err 0.000001 leap 0

Receiving $GPRMC data 2011/7/11 08:16:27 UTC Synchronised

If you receive nothing check the cabling, or if the Receiving line says the unit is Un-synchronised check the GPS has a good view of the sky (we recommend 180 degree view of the sky)

Note: When you have the antenna working break out of the debug with “ctrl + c” and then reboot the unit using the command “reboot”.

Putty Download Link:

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