Updating the NTS-6001 firmware from Version 10 to 11
Posted by Craig Richards, Last modified by Craig Richards on 07 January 2016 16:39

Version 11 of the NTS-6001 firmware introduced big changes into how the unit works and how it is secured.

To update your firmware, download the new firmware from the This Page. Once downloaded, login to your unit and navigate to the 'Update System' page. This page will ask for a location of the new firmware so navigate to where you downloaded the firmware file to. Once uploaded you will need to reboot the unit to apply the new firmware.
Once the new firmware is applied your browser may flag up SSL errors. If you receive an ssl_cipher_mismatch error then close and reopen the browser. You will be warned about a changed SSL certificate as the new firmware generates a new, more secure certificate on first boot.
Once you have gotten past the SSL warnings you will be met with the new login screen. Your web configuration username and password will be reset so login with the following credentials:

* User: administrator
* Password: password

As the new firmware is much different from the old version, a new manual has been written and can be found Here

- Warnings -

Upon updating to the new firmware, some of your settings may not carry across. Your main settings (such as network and NTP) should get carried across but others such as SNMP customisations will not. Please ensure to note down any settings before upgrading to the new firmware to ensure a smooth upgrade process.

- Notes -

If you are currently unable to get to your web configuration page due to SSL errors then you will have to use our firmware upgrade tool. This tool requires the Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 (which can be downloaded here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=30653)

When running the tool you will be asked for your timeserver IP address and your web configuration password. The firmware will then be upgraded and the unit will reboot. Once rebooted you will be running the latest firmware.

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