Network Time Server Firmware Version 12
Posted by Richard Hawkesford, Last modified by Uzair A. on 20 May 2021 11:56

This update is available for the following units:

NTS-6002 Firmware:

Click here for NTS-6002 upgrade instructions.

NTS-6001 Firmware:

Click here for NTS-6001 upgrade instructions.

Please note NTS-6001 units with firmware version eight or below are no longer supported and cannot use this update.

Firmware 12#5 (unreleased)

Release Date:

  • Fixed an issue where changing the bonding mode in the web interface sometimes did not apply.
  • Fixed an issue in the certificate model where it was removing dashes from the Alternate Name.
  • Removed the ability to configure a Hostname on both network cards (the Hostname relates to the device itself and is independent of the network cards).
  • Added TLSv1.3 support.
  • Updated Configuration Options on the Configure SSL page in the web interface.
  • Updated leap-seconds.list with the latest version (Expires 28 June 2020)
  • Updated the Linux kernel to 5.2.21
  • Updated Nginx to 1.16.1
  • Updated PHP to 7.3.11
  • Updated OpenSSH to 8.0p1
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1d

Firmware 12#4 (current)

Release Date: 01/04/2019

  • Updated leap-seconds.list with the latest version (Expires December 2019)
  • Updated the Linux kernel to 4.14.103
  • Updated Nginx to 1.15.7
  • Updated PHP to 7.2.16
  • Updated OpenSSH to 7.9p1
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2r
  • Updated NetSNMP to 5.8

NTP has been updated to 4.2.8p13 which has the following security fixes:

  • Sec 3565: Crafted null dereference attack from a trusted source with an authenticated mode 6 packet

A crafted malicious authenticated mode 6 (ntpq) packet from a permitted network address can trigger a NULL pointer dereference, crashing ntpd. Note that for this attack to work, the sending system must be on an address that the target's ntpd accepts mode 6 packets from, and must properly authenticate the packet with a private key that is specifically listed as being used for mode 6 authorization.

This NTP version provides 17 bugfixes and 1 other improvement. 

Firmware 12#3

Release Date: 29/01/2018

  • Fixed an issue with Teaming where the web interface would prevent the user from changing the bond mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the Teaming page not reflecting the current Teaming settings.
  • Resolved a bug where GPS/Radio debugging would not output to the screen due to a bad Mime type.
  • Updated the certificate model to add the CN to the subject alternate names to prevent certificate errors.
  • Fixed an issue where, upon logging in via FQDN, the system would redirect from FQDN to IP address.
  • Fixed an issue with the NMEA Log not displaying errors correctly.
  • Added a Configure SSL page under Administration that will allow users to choose from Secure SSL Configuration and Compatibility Configuration. Secure SSL Configuration will support the TLSv1.2 protocols and modern cipher suites. Compatibility configuration supports the TLSv1.2, TLSv1.1 and TLSv1 protocols along with older SSL cipher suites for compatibility with older clients.
  • Applied mitigations against the Meltdown vulnerability (CVE-2017-5754).
  • Added secure flag to Cookies.
  • Updated Nginx to 1.12.1
  • Updated OpenSSH to 7.6p1
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2m
  • Updated PHP to 7.1.11
  • Updated CodeIgniter to 3.1.7

Firmware 12#1

Release Date: 13/04/2017

  • XSS headers added to Ngnix
  • Software update available notification added to Dashboard header
  • Incorrect logins recorded under Authentication Log now show in red
  • Updated the leap-seconds.list file to account for the upcoming leap second
  • Updated the Linux kernal to 4.10.9
  • Updated Nginx to 1.10.3
  • Updated OpenSSH to 7.5p1
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2k
  • Updated NetSNMP to 5.7.3
  • Updated PHP to 7.1.3
  • Updated CodeIgniter to 3.1.4

NTP has been updated to 4.2.8p10@1.3728-o which has the following security fixes:

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