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We are aware of an issue with the NTS-4000 units running firmware older than 6.1 showing an incorrect date as of the 1st of January 2015.

The problem can be easily fixed by updating the firmware on your unit.

First you will need to download the software used to program the unit and the firmware file, both available in the zip file below.

Download NTS-4000 Firmware Version 6.2

Note: To make things easier extract the zip file to somewhere you can easily access like the desktop.

With most zip software, you can simply right click the zip file for extraction options.

Then install the NTS-4000 configuration client (SETUP.EXE)

When you have installed the NTS-4000 Configuration Client open the software and click on the magnifying glass in the top left of the application.

Note: You may need to allow firewall access if this is the first time you have used the software.

The magnifying glass searches your network for NTS-4000 units and will list them in the box below when it finds them.

To update the firmware on a unit click on the unit then click on the update firmware button (The third button along).

Enter the password or if there is no password set simply click "ok".

You will then be asked to locate the firmware file from the zip that you have downloaded.

The software is then sent to the unit this takes upto five minutes.

After this, you should receive a message telling you that the firmware was successful.

Your unit should now be running version 6.2 of the software.

If, during the update, you receive an error code (usually a negative error code) this is due to the software not being able to access the unit.

You should check that the windows firewall and your network firewall allow both TCP and UDP access to the NTS-4000.

Your local network administrator should be the first point of contact for these errors.

Dear Customers,


Recently we have received many inquires surrounding the Apache Log4j vulnerability in relation to our equipment.

We can confirm that our NTS Time Servers don’t use this service and therefore are not susceptible to this vulnerability.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Galleon Systems Technical Support


Installing the NESDK Software

You need to install and run the Windows based debug software to obtain any debugging information, which will allow you to assist Technical Support staff if they are contacted.

You can download NESDK from here.

Run the setup program called ‘NESDK_2.9.exe’.



Click ‘Next’.



Select where you would like the program installed and click ‘Next’.



Select whether or not you wish to have an icon on the desktop and click ‘Install’.



Review the options and click ‘Install’.



Click ‘Finish’ to exit the setup program. The Debug program will be started straight away if the option here is left checked.



You may get a warning from the PC; you must allow the program access for it to work correctly.



All of the NTS-4000-R Devices found are shown along with their current IP Address (if any), Hardware MAC Address and other System Information.


Using the NESDK Software

The first step to starting the Debugging process is to select the unit you wish to debug from the list, and click the ‘Run Application / Debug’ button (Blue Triangle). 



You may get a warning from the PC; you must allow the program access for it to work correctly.



The Debug Window will show whether the unit is synchronised or not as well as other details about the units status. Clicking the ‘Start Debug Log’ button, allows the software to write the output information to a text file which can be saved and used to aid Technical Support Staff.


In the case of the Private Key Mismatch error, please follow the below instructions:

Download NESDK Manager from here.

Using the NESDK Manager, search for your unit, and select it from the list. Double click it to open its configuration window.
Navigate to the 'Advance Setting' tab and check the box to 'Change Private Key'.
Enter '1309' (without quotes) into the boxes for the private key and proceed to 'Save & Restart'.

Once this is complete, you should be able to complete the upgrade process.

The latest version of the NTS-4000-R Firmware is Version 6.2.

This will run on all NTS-4000-R models.

Included in the download is NTS-4000 v6 Configuration Client which is used to install the firmware and the firmware file.


This is the Hardware Manual for the NTS-4000-R.

It will provide information regarding the installation and setup of the hardware and software.

It also covers debugging and troubleshooting the unit.