Accurate Time: Why is it Important in Healthcare?
Posted by Daniel Waldron on 02 March 2015 12:39

It’s not an exaggeration to say that accurate time plays a crucial part in saving lives. Discover why precise time is pivotal when it comes to healthcare & how NTP servers can aid health care facilities.

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Time Synchronisation | Unsynchronised Clocks: What are the Security Issues?
Posted by Daniel Waldron on 24 February 2015 09:45

Unsynchronised clocks are a network security hazard and, believe it or not, time discrepancies can lead to major breaches, causing untold disruption. What are the problems that can arise and how do you maintain time synchronisation? 

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NTP: Inaccurate Time – How Is It Silently Killing Your Company?
Posted by Daniel Waldron on 24 February 2015 09:09

‘Time is money’ in business, right? Inaccurate time could be silently killing your company. Network Time Protocol (NTP) is the prevention. Discover how Network Time Servers can save your organisation valuable minutes & money.

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NTP Authentication Explained
Posted by Daniel Waldron on 09 February 2015 12:32

Synchronising time across a network is fraught with security risks and Network Time Protocol is a target for exploitation. However, NTP has a way of stopping hackers from messing with your network’s time synchronisation. Discover secure authentication and the role it plays in protecting NTP.

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NTS-4000 - Known Issue With Older Firmware
Posted by Craig Richards on 05 January 2015 11:05

We are aware of an issue with the NTS-4000 units running firmware older than 6.1 showing an incorrect date as of the 1st of January 2015.

The problem can be easily fixed by updating the firmware on your unit.

First you will need to download the software used to program the unit and the firmware file, both available in the zip file below.

Download NTS-4000 Firmware Version

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Christmas Closedown Information
Posted by Stuart Thomason on 23 December 2014 11:22

Greetings valued customers,

This notice is to inform you that Galleon Systems will be closed over the Christmas period.

Our offices will be ‘officially’ closed from 4pm (UK time) on Wednesday 24th December 2014. However, support e-mails will be monitored at regular intervals throughout the Christmas period, with all urgent support enquiries responded to accordingly.

Further dates of closure include:

- Christmas Day (25th December,

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