Easter Break
Posted by Daniel Waldron on 16 April 2014 08:36

Hi All, happy Easter to you…

In view of the Easter break, the offices of Galleon Systems will be closed from Friday 18th April, 2014 and will not re-open until Tuesday 22nd April, 2014.

During this time there will be no, or limited, technical support available. However, you can still submit a ticket via the Knowledgebase or search for a solution to your technical problem.

Our normal technical support service will resume on Tuesday

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Fighting Back Against Network Time Protocol DDoS Attacks
Posted by Stuart Thomason on 29 January 2014 10:38

Recent news has revealed that attackers have found a way to manipulate a widely forgotten network protocol in a fresh spin on distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, after researchers discovered a spike in supposed NTP reflection attacks during a one month period.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) synchronises time across devices on a network and operates over port 123 UDP. It’s often configured just once by network administrators and, according to researchers Symantec, is

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Christmas Closedown Information
Posted by Stuart Thomason on 20 December 2013 11:46

Greetings valued customers,

This notice is to inform you that Galleon Systems will be closed over the Christmas period.

Our offices will be ‘officially’ closed from 5pm (UK time) on Friday 20th December 2013. However, support e-mails will be monitored at regular intervals on Monday 23rd December 2013, on Christmas Eve (24th December, 2013) and throughout the Christmas period, with all urgent support enquiries responded to

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UK Clocks go back as DST ends
Posted by Stuart Thomason on 25 October 2013 09:38

Hi All,

This Sunday in the UK, on the 27th of October 2013, daylight saving time (DST) ends and the clocks willgo back an hour from British Summertime (BST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This will align time back with Universal Co-ordinated Time (UTC).

As Galleon time servers only display and output in UTC time, our units will not be affected by this change. For other clients, computers, and clocks not on UTC, this change will also take effect providing that

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UK Bank Holiday Weekend
Posted by Stuart Thomason on 21 August 2013 11:22

Hi All,

This weekend it is a Bank Holiday here in the UK.

Unfortunately throughout this weekend and the Bank Holiday Monday 26th August, Technical Support will not be available, however, you can still search through the Knowledgebase and Submit a Ticket.

Service will resume as normal from Tuesday 27th August.

We apologise for any inconvienience that this may cause, however, we will endeavour to sort out any issues upon our return.


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MSF Radio Signal Interruption
Posted by Stuart Thomason on 02 July 2013 12:12
MSF Outages MSF Scheduled Maintenance Periods

The MSF 60 kHz standard-frequency and time signal, broadcast by Babcock on behalf of NPL, is occasionally taken off-air to allow maintenance work on the masts and antennas at Anthorn Radio Station to be carried out in safety. This means that your radio controlled clock will not be picking up the MSF signal, so may not be working correctly.

Essential maintenance work - signal
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